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All messages regarding Brian Spence, Bilbo Baggins or this website are welcome. However, a common misunderstanding is that Spence Music is Brian's official website instead of a fan's tribute to him. Any messages for Brian will be forwarded to him, but please do not expect a reply and he is still busy and no response can be disappointing.

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Bob Creamer |
One of the best singer/songwriters to come out of Scotland; Perhaps a very biased opinion as Brian & I were in our first band together in the late sixties, long before Bilbo Baggins; The band consisted of Brian on Bass, Myself on Rhythm, Roy Martin on Lead, Brian Gordon on vocals & Tom Wight on drums; We gigged for a year or so in and around our home town of Edinburgh before spliting; Apart from Brian, Roy was the only one who stayed within the live music industry; Tom is an engineer, Brian Gordon owns his own restaurant in Fife and I turned to DJ'ing, which I'm still doing; The Band? It was called EXPO
10 November 2003 - Edinburgh, Scotland

Yeah, great artist;
15 October 2003

Mark Hughes |
Welcome to the Spence Music guest book;
I have been a fan of Brian's music for, like yourselves, some time now; Last year I was lucky enough to meet him, soon after I set up the a website dedicated to him; I was even happier to discover that he was still musically active;
Why did I set up the website? Easy; I could not find anything on Brian, and thought there was a need for one;
If you want to write to me please feel free; If you want to write to Brian you can write to me and I will forward it on; However, please do not put in anything personal that you don't mind me reading; I will not edit them and I will forward *all* that I receive; However, there are no guarantees that Brian will respond - it took Brian along time to write back to me;
Take care
13 June 2003 - Sussex, United Kingdom

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