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All messages regarding Brian Spence, Bilbo Baggins or this website are welcome. However, a common misunderstanding is that Spence Music is Brian's official website instead of a fan's tribute to him. Any messages for Brian will be forwarded to him, but please do not expect a reply and he is still busy and no response can be disappointing.

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Kim |
I just stumbled across this site and ended up reading nearly every word; Great reading; I was really pleased to see Ray Caruana mentioned; a lovely guy with an amazing voice; One of my faves;

I hope to see you perform soon;
Ps; Love the wedding photos; xx
4 January 2006 - Essex

Johnny |
He he i won the race
31 December 2005 - Denmark

Johnny |

Been looking for the album Brothers for years here in Denmark and i finally found it here for free, YEEHHAAAAW you just made my year (and the next) Thanks a lot
25 December 2005 - Denmark

barry wynne |
hello mate, we've just got broadband so its so much easier to look at websites;so iv'e rinsed you're downloads already as i only had old lp's of your stuff from yonks ago; but as soon as i played them i realised why i was so intent on coming to the dukes head every saturday all those years ago to see you and debbie perform;You were both my inspiration to practice harder and i'll never forget the second half of your set when you used to let me and louise and the rest get up to do a couple of songs, it was the highlight of my week and i used to go home after on a total high; i wish we were still in touch as i still play, and are currently working with miss dynamite's producer on a new act hoping for a record deal and have been recording at EMI with a girl singer called Amy who is the next alanis/dido and she's being being pushed by some top bods so you never know; anyway nice to hear your songs again; much respect to you and debs all my love allways Bal; xxx
28 November 2005 - England essex

Hello to Brian, Douglas and Stuart;
It's great to see your still doing something you love Brian; And I still have your Reputations Album; (Mark permit this one indulgence Douglas will know what it means) Douglas are you swinging a hammer still? Hope you are ok; I'll visit this guest book again;
28 November 2005

Webmaster comments   Your indulgence easy fits within my guidelines, i.e. about Brian, his music, his family or the website. I have forwarded your message on to Brian.

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