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All messages regarding Brian Spence, Bilbo Baggins or this website are welcome. However, a common misunderstanding is that Spence Music is Brian's official website instead of a fan's tribute to him. Any messages for Brian will be forwarded to him, but please do not expect a reply and he is still busy and no response can be disappointing.

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Maximillian |
I remember playing Reputation and Come Back Home years ago - I still have the LP but no record player to play it on - I have downloaded the tracks onto my MP3 player - Many thanks;
8 February 2008 - Newcastle

Yvonne ;Edinburgh |
I remember Brian in Bilbo Baggins when I was a lass (about 14 yrs old);I loved them all;much better than;BCR's!; I came across 'Reputation' album when I was working down in Kent and couldn't believe it was our very own Brian Spence;great album; If I knew you were playing in and around London I would have most definately come along; Any chance of popping back to Edinburgh for a gig or 2??? I am sure they would be sold out; Pretty Please;
17 January 2008 - Edinburgh

margaret |
Please let me know when your "Picnic at the Hanging Rock" page goes up; I'm waiting!
7 November 2007 - London

Webmaster comments   Hey, I'm waiting for it too! To be honest I thought about it last weekend before I got distracted but the little things that fill our lives. I promise I will get around to it - I'm just not saying when. :-)

Teresa |
Hi Mark my name is Teresa along with my husband Del we have been personal friends of Debbie & Brian's for 20 years now and it has been a great privilage for us to hear the demo tapes of all Brian's great songs that he has written;

It is such a shame that many of his songs that Brian has written has never been heard yet so come on Bri howabout downloading so that other fans of yours out there can hear them;
Take care Bri be seeing you and Debs in a couple of days xxxxxxxxx
5 July 2007 - London England

Webmaster comments   I echo what you say, Teresa, about Brian's songs. I've also been lucky to have heard (some) demo tapes and they are great. It is a crying shame that they are not heard beyond Brian and Debbie's inner circle. I would be more than happy to host as many songs as Brian was happy to share - I have the web space, all I need is the music.
What do you say Brian?

Sarah |
I loved MIchael Ball's rendition of "My Arms Are Strong;" Then I found Brian's; Michael Ball is one of my favorite singers, but I haven't touched his version in years;

Much love!
25 November 2006 - On the other side of the big pond;

Webmaster comments   Thank you for your message, Sarah. I think Mr Ball's version is good but not a patch on Brian's vocals (the music for both versions is by Brian). I think there is something about any writer performing their own songs which adds weight to the song. Mark

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