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All messages regarding Brian Spence, Bilbo Baggins or this website are welcome. However, a common misunderstanding is that Spence Music is Brian's official website instead of a fan's tribute to him. Any messages for Brian will be forwarded to him, but please do not expect a reply and he is still busy and no response can be disappointing.

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jake campbell |
hi brian, cant believe i found this brings back so many memories on the road with bilbo, the band played at my wedding in the old steps hotel i even named my son after you he ;s now 30yrs old you played there in 1977, would like to wish you well great that your still writing songs; still got all the singles and LP lol, love the stuff,
6 June 2009 - scotland

Henric Andersson (Sweden) |
I Still Don't Know is a brilliant song; Wow;;;vocals;;;10 out of 10 :)

Hear It From The Heart;;;vocals;;;10 out of 10

Sliding Down;;;also;;;

Really like your music man;

26 February 2009 - Sweden

Webmaster comments   Welcome Henric. One day, two messages - 10 out of ten.

Henric Andersson (Sweden) |
I really like your song "Hear It ;;;" And that extented version WOW that's music to my ears;
I nearly fell off my chair when I heard "I Still Don't Know" ;
Sliding Down is another one that I like a lot;

Thank you;

26 February 2009 - Sweden

Colin Nicol - Edinburgh |
Just came across my copy of She's Gonna Win while going through my old singles; Remembered that I thought I now know Colin Chisolm and clicked on this sight; I have seen Colin doing his one man show a while back and he was great; Also the Hibs song is very good, especially for a Hearts man!! Always wanted to ask about the contradiction in the lyrics of She's Gonna Win - "I thought I had a fighting chance at one time, but I guess I always knew" - both are not possible!
Thanks enjoyed the site;
2 October 2008 - Edinburgh, Scotland

Giovanni Giamblanco |
Listened to Hibs Heroes last night for the first time in years; I was listening to it in my lounge in Chrsitchurch, New Zealand; Got a bit of lump in my throat when I realised that I may never take my son to Easter Rd - bit too much of a commute from NZ; Still a classic song after all these years;
29 August 2008 - Christchurch, New Zealand

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