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All messages regarding Brian Spence, Bilbo Baggins or this website are welcome. However, a common misunderstanding is that Spence Music is Brian's official website instead of a fan's tribute to him. Any messages for Brian will be forwarded to him, but please do not expect a reply and he is still busy and no response can be disappointing.

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moira shearer |
Would love to see Brian/Debbie bring their tribute act to anywhere in Scotland; Please Brian; Thanks;
28 September 2011 - North East Scotland;

pedro vieira |
Great gig in Lisbon, thank you very much for your presence; You must come back again; all the best;
10 November 2010 - portugal

Luís |
YOU were great last saturday in "Lisboa"; Thank you both and congratulations;
8 November 2010

Manuel |
Great gig last night in Lisbon; You still got it; Those songs will last forever; Keep on rockin'; Hope to see you again, maybe next year;
7 November 2010 - Portugal

João rocha |
Congratulations, you make me very happy, a dream come true listen to you Brian live , amazing performance, fantastic presence on stage and a beautiful voice, and also like to congratulate your wife for the chorus, and those portuguese guys of the band they rock, what can i say it was perfect, only regret was not listening City of Shadows, but you can be shure that portuguese fans will always be with you, a great support from me and other djs here that always plays your songs in rock partys, a big support from Rockmix (we will try to get another of your songs "Will you never be my friend" to the new Rockmix 3 CD), for that your songs never be forgotten to all generations, i hope that someone recorded the concert, and once again thanks for the fantastic concert, my videos are already in youtube, regards;
7 November 2010 - Portugal

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